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Turnham Green Terrace ‘Piazza’ Project

Abundance London, in association with the Friends of Chiswick Back Common, has embarked on another project to improve the area and its bio-diversity. This time the target is the little ‘piazza’ on Turnham Green Terrace. The space has been so degraded over the last few years that people have even forgotten that it was ever a public space. With some S106 funding from London Borough of Hounslow, some left-over funds from the Chiswick Timeline, and the generous donation from Sir Peter and Chrissy Blake of some Chiswick Empire Theatre artists’ proofs, we hope to have enough to sort out this space.

The work cabins that were in the middle of the space for nearly three years have been removed (December 2018), after many requests. The double bike rack that was poorly used and collected rubbish has been removed, replaced with shiny chrome stands that are fully used (January 2019). The grassed-over flower bed will be re-shaped and re-planted with a stunning mixture of low-maintenance beautiful plants to improve bio-diversity and aesthetics (January/February). The grass will be partially re-sown and the surface smoothed. The broken benches will be replaced (March).

As a separate project, Councillor Todd is getting the broken water fountain fixed.

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