by Chiswick Piazza


In January 2018 Abundance London installed the Chiswick Timeline, a large mural, nearby and this has transformed the adjoining railway arches. Now we have been awarded a (little) bit of S106 funding to sort out this area which we are (reluctantly and somewhat pretentiously) calling the ‘piazza’.

Prior to the start of the project

Proposed improvements

  1. Replace the unused double bike rack with 12 elegant stainless steel Sheffield racks. DONE, January 2019.
  2. Replace the broken benches with curving timber benches that emphasise and enhance the piazza are. One will face both inwards and outwards allowing views of the surrounding common.
  3. Replace the broken bins with new bins.
  4. Restore the fountain to working order (Cllr Todd is responsible for this).
  5. Re-turf the adjoining grass area and remove the outline of the old municipal flower bed. PARTIALLY DONE, FEB 2019.
  6. Plant a magnificent flower bed of perennials, annuals and bulbs that will encourage bio-diversity while being low maintenance and beautiful. DONE March 2019.
  7. Power spray the paved area, replace broken slabs.

Project progress

21-22 February: 640 herbaceous perennials, 5,000 bulbs planted out by volunteers in the new perennial wildflower meadow.

20 February: 3 tonnes of soil conditioner delivered by Lampton 360Greenspace.

3 February 2019: 20 volunteers, ranging in age from 13 to 89, dug out the shape of the new flower bed, skimming off the grass turves to create a flowing yin/yang shape.

30 January 2019: The tulip bulbs have been eaten by squirrels. Rubbish behind the bike racks removed by Hounslow Good Gym, work begins removing grass from flower bed.  FM Conway denies causing any damage to the paving slabs and refuses to clean the oily patch. Ongoing design work with the benches.

10 January 2019: New bike racks installed. On the first day they already hold more bikes than the old double racks ever did.

November 2018: Initial drawings for custom-made benches ordered. Conways and Hounslow Highways asked to make good the oil patches and cracked slabs. Conways work cabins removed.

October 2018 : 5,500 bulbs potted up with huge help from the team at Chiswick House & Gardens, ready for overwintering. (500 Allium sphaerocephalon, 1,400 Crocus chrysanthus ‘Cream Beauty’, 900 Muscari armeniacum, 500 Narcissus ‘Jack Snipe’, 500 Narcissus ‘Geranium’, 500 Tulip ‘Albion Star’, 500 Tulip turkestanica)

Spring 2018: S106 funding awarded